Finally online: XUPARIA UMA MENINA music video for MC Xuparina



MC Xuparina, a queer favela singer, escapes the male dominated funk scene of Rio de Janeiro and faces other hardships as an immigrant in Germany. A rhythmical and humorous melodrama about struggle and ideals, and how to stand up for sexual diversity in a hetero-normative music genre.

Production: Xupa Records & Systrar Productions, Marcella Maria, Hanna Bergfors, Nadja Krüger
Script: Marcella Maria & Hanna Bergfors
Direction and Editing: Hanna Bergfors & Marcella Maria
Camera and Light: Kornelia Kugler, Nadja Krüger
Art Direction and Continuity: Juliana Pfeifer
Choreography: Sara Harrison
Music and Mixing: 6zm
Vocals: MC Xuparina
Sound Design and Mastering: Manuela Schininá
Mastering: Emre Malikler
Color Grading and Compositing: Carolina Soares
Cast: MC Xuparina, Nadja Krüger, Kornelia Kugler, Julian Curico, Philipp Fröhlich, Angelika Levi, Isadhora Müller, Bishop Black, Virlani Rupini, Hanna Bergfors, Liz Rosenfeld

Big thanks to: Olof Dreijer, Olga Wennergren

Made with the financial support of Interflugs
Berlin 2016