NIE at Chouftouhonna in Tunisia

We are very grateful that we got the chance to visit the 3rd CHOUFTOUHONNA festival international d’art féministe de Tunis / Tunis international feminist art festival in September 2017 and show our film « Nichts ist erledigt » there.

About the festival:

The association CHOUF is organizer of the international festival of feminist art of Tunis –CHOUFTOUHONNA, taking place from Thursday, September 7th to Sunday, September 10th 2017 at the national theater of Tunis in Tunis, Tunisia. Chouf is a feminist  organization working about  women bodily and sexual rights in Tunisia.

This important demonstration aims to create an area of expression for women wanting to speak through art, give women visibility and also to expand their networks.

The festival includes 6 categories in competition: Cinema, Scenic arts, Plastic arts, Graphic arts, Photography and Music; Soukou’honna, a sales area for Tunisian artisans to encourage local production, Off evenings with international artists, 3 workshops in the following categories: Dance, Music and comics, a conference cycle.

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