The Mixed Performance Practice Performance with Noha Ramadan

No play ( presents on May 27th:

Performance: « The Mixed Performance Practice Performance », 20h
by Noha Ramadan with Hanna Bergfors and Kornelia Kugler / Systrar Productions, Alessandra Eramo, Sarah M Harrison, Sara Mikolai, Clara López Menéndez, Ebba Fransen Waldhör
Continuing the theme of ‘touch’, this performance/event brings together a group of artists who will attempt to perform their practices in an artificial and decidedly compromised situation of close proximity.

This (potentially noisy) co-habitation of dancers, a curator, a critic, a sound artist, a writer, a filmmaker and a visual artist, will be underwritten by a time-coded sequence of appearances, tasks and responsibilities. The event can only be speculative, and will find itself through testing the edges and behavior of different practices, which are simultaneously self-driven and completely dependent on the external situation. Hosted by someone addicted to knowledge but who owns none, the performers will somehow do what they usually do, bumping up against each other and attempting to communicate what we/they don’t yet know.

Noha Ramadan is a choreographer, performer and artist based in Amsterdam. She maintains a practice of perpetual digression, enacted through an interest in footnotes and their material counterparts in movement, text and visual forms.

Photos by André Wunstorf.